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Testimonials From Our Clients

I feel stronger in my neck and low back than ever before, thanks to the MRS. The deep, sharp pain in the right subscapularis region that’s been a nemesis since my bike fall 20 years ago has completely disappeared. I believe the MRS was reaching and regenerating in areas I was not able to physically reach. Now that I’ve experienced the MRS for myself and my patients, I cannot see myself practicing without it.
Dr. Leif Choi

PEMF has been the single biggest benefit to my practice in 10 years. I think about using PEMF for chronic pain, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. However, a quick search of PubMed is enough to demonstrate that there are many other worthy indications.
Dr.Travis Elliott

I became persuaded by the benefit of the iMRS when my knee injury of one year resolved completely after 2 1/2 weeks of daily treatment.
Dr. Holly Zapf

My Parkinsons symptoms have improved dramatically since using the iMRS daily for the past three months. I no longer need naps, my tremors have slowed down and my energy level is great.
Fred Stickney

I've had a couple of falls recently and have found the iMRS to work very well on acute injuries. I am also getting great results with clients in my bodywork practice.
Claire Melde R.N.

I can't believe I am totally pain free only 3 days after running the Portland Marathon thanks to MRS sessions the two days following the marathon. Greatest recovery tool ever.
Diane Brown

Many acute conditions responded very persuasively and powerfully to this device. Back pain, inflammation, neuropathy in hands and feet, headaches, muscle spasm and a number of other acute conditions were very positively addressed. My experience was that the more I used the device, the duration of my problem was reduced exponentially.
Michael Holligan

After thirty years of inadequate sleep, I am relieved to report that I am now sleeping soundly through the night. Using the iMRS mat twice a day has completely changed my sleep habits.
Linda Larivee

I've had chronic insomnia for over forty years. I tried every medication, exercise and concoction known to man. We tried the MRS at Healthy Spaces. It was so effective that we purchased one for our home and for the first time in forty years I’m sleeping eight hours a night with no side effects or grogginess. It’s changed my life! I’m living proof that with this therapy life can be what it was intended to be. Try it – you have nothing to lose but sleepless nights!
Debbie Lord

With Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) all 75 trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy which enhances the self-healing powers of the body. “Boosting the immune system with Magnetic Resonance Stimulation will result in activating the body’s own healing power.
Juergen Schmitt MD, Munich, Germany

I love my iMRS! I went kayaking for several hours yesterday. When I woke up this morning my right wrist was swollen, sore, and stiff. 8 minutes on the mat and 8 minutes with the probe and my wrist was back to normal and I was off to work! What a magnificent technology! I never go to bed in pain, it works better than a cup of coffee to energize me for the day, there are no side effects, when my daughter can’t sleep 8 minutes on the “magic carpet” puts her right out, seeing the joy on my friends faces when they try it for the first time. Using the iMRS for 4 months, the pain from my degenerative arthritis is gone, my range of motion has improved, and my energy level has increased. My sleep has been transformed! I am now enjoying the best health in more than a decade!
Jennifer Nickell R.N.

What a relief it is! I have had hip muscle pain, due to hip replacement, that just would not go away with exercise therapy . Having used the MRS the muscle finally relaxed. I am able to lift my leg in exercises, walk up hills and go up and down the stairs without it acting up. It’s been a blessing. If you are in pain, give the MRS a try, better than taking pills.
Christina Romaniuk

I strained my low back pretty badly right after I got the iMRS and so I did a mat session and then did two 8 minute sessions with the probe (about 9 hours apart) to localize it. Then I saw a chiropractor (but amazing I was able to move and get to her office), and I used the MRS again once or twice and by the next day I was back at work with almost no pain. I've also used it on two people with chronic shoulder pain and their pain was gone when doing the movements that usually bring it on . It's more powerful than I was expecting.
Dr. Noel Thomas

The greatest benefits of the iMRS come from frequent, ideally daily, mat sessions. I personally have noticed a major boost in sense of well-being and available life force in recent weeks in spite of a very demanding schedule.
Rev. Gabrielle Chavez

My leg cramps would wake me 2-3 times through the night for years. Since using the iMRS on a daily basis they have stopped completely. Improved sleep has improved my endurance and at 83 I am skiing with my grandchildren.
Vernon Bowlby

My family has noted improved sleep patterns, reduction in stress, less irritability, greater vitality, and for me, rapid relief of back and sciatica pain. Regarding psychotherapy client use, clients report greater relaxation and improved ability to focus on one thought at a time.
Delores Maggiore, LCSW, ACSW, BCD

I suffered from a traumatic brain injury as a child and have suffered from depression my whole life. Using the iMRS has lifted that depression and increased my energy and stamina. It is amazing.
SaLee Anami

I am blown away by how much better I am sleeping since using the MRS. I have never been a “good sleeper,” even as a child. When I hit my mid-40s things started to worsen significantly. I saw gradual improvements in sleep within a few days of using the MRS.
Elaine Fawcett

I feel that my constitution is being strengthened with the mat. I had a gluten exposure that would normally take weeks for me to recover from, that was cleared in a couple of days. Sleep is better. It has been great to use after I come in from working in the garden as it definitely helps to ward off any inflammation. It has helped me to recover quickly from massage and chiro adjustments. Seeing some loosening of upper body tension.
Raevan Richelle

I use the mat usually 2x a day. For me, I feel a total well being throughout my body. It took awhile to notice that I (and my husband) sleep very deeply now. When the alarm goes off I am refreshed and ready to go. I am experimenting with the probe and mat for hip/knee issues. One thing I have learned is that I don't need to go above the 100 recommended intensity during the day and only 10 at night.
Jana Moses

Two monumental changes in my daily life. First, I am able to make extended bicycle rides on consecutive weekdays without the normal post ride soreness, My recovery time is significantly less Secondly, for years I have slept about 4 hours a night, waking about 3:30 a.m. each night. Since using the mat I routinely sleep soundly for 8 uninterrupted hours and wake with energy for the day.
Mike Bays

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