The most frequently asked questions concerning Magnetic Resonance Stimulation.

Our journey will guide us through many published observations as well as my own experience with the iMRS 2000 and its users which I was privileged to witness over a period of almost 12 years.

What does this stimulation do?

The primary feature of this treatment method is the resonance effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields in the body. Vibrations or frequencies corresponding with the frequencies of our own cells are transmitted as purposeful information to unhealthy or energy deprived cells whose function has been restricted and disturbed. In other words, magnetic resonance stimulation increases the body’s cell potential due to higher oxygen supply and accelerates the function of ion pumps due to increased ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate - energy or fuel for the cell)..

What does resonance mean?

Resonance is the principle of using precisely those oscillations with which a cell in the body or the entire organism oscillates independently. So naturally the original fundamental oscillation is amplified. The cell membrane oscillates at a certain frequency and at a certain amplitude. Unhealthy cells have the same frequency, however a different amplitude because of weaker oscillation. At precisely this point the resonance phenomenon of the magnetic field stimulation comes into effect because the amplitude of the oscillation can be reinforced by resonance.

What do I feel during therapy?

Although magnetic fields cannot be felt with our senses, some users perceive a certain sensation during this treatment. The most common observation is a slight feeling of heat on the areas being treated. This is a slight temperature increase due to improved circulation in the skin or the muscles. Tingling of the hands and feet is one of the sensations reported commonly. The occurrence of a slight increase in heartbeat is very rare and usually attributed to some anxiety and fear of what is going on. Preferably, one should perceive that ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling caused by deep relaxation due to a balanced autonomic nervous system. Summary: 40-50% of the patients initially feel nothing 40% feel pleasant warmth 10% feel tingling or other sensations 70-75% feel a loosening of the back muscles.

Are there any side effects or can I do too much therapy?

Clinical studies on more than 200,000 patients have shown no side-effects detrimental to health due to magnetic resonance stimulation. 15 to 20% of users experience a first reaction that may be considered a ‘healing reaction’ which can occur by slightly increased pain. Usually these people are sensitive to magnetic fields in general, also to weather On the average the duration of first reactions is between two and four weeks. To experience it as a single event is not uncommon either. It is important that users are informed ahead of time not to be discouraged to continue the treatment simply out of fear. More water intake can help in case of adverse reaction or reducing time or intensities at the beginning of treatment.

THERE IS NO OVER-STIMULATION POSSIBLE. Needless to say, staying within the recommended intensities should be stressed to achieve optimal results. The user, however, needs to be informed that the whole body application should not exceed one hour during one day. (Recommendation by the World Health Organization)

How do I know that it helps me?

‘Simply lay on it for at least four weeks and allow yourself to enter the high success rate statistics which is available. “Trust your body’s ability to regulate itself when given the right tool”, could be one answer to this 29 years of scientific research on magnetic resonance stimulation, and over 6500 scientific publications have already proven the medical effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields. Double blind studies and clinical observations can claim a higher success rate using this treatment method than can many drugs.

How can the effect of magnetic resonance stimulation be verified?

  • The most valuable verification is the user’s personal perception before and after MRS application.
  • Clinical documented case histories
  • Dark field microscopy and thermography before and after session
  • Observation of daily life activity (improved energy and stamina)
  • Mobility test - finger-floor distance test - muscle measurement test

How long does it take for the magnetic field to act?

The onset of effect varies from person to person. It is determined by the body’s reactivity and various influences. High doses of medication, internal scar tissue, dehydration or the body’s acidity level may also play a role, needless to say, smoking.

A young person will react more quickly than an older person. In addition, the type of complaint and its cause need to be taken into consideration, as well as the duration and the damage which has already occurred in the body. In treatment of pain, relief occurs on the average after four to eight weeks. If this is not the case, above mentioned influences may have to be examined.

Important: Magnetic resonance stimulation is a regulatory procedure in accordance with the body’s own reactivity. The longer a painful condition has already existed, the longer it will take to improve. However, the immediate effect as explained prior is occurring during the first and all applications even though the user is not aware of it. Numerous testimonials share unexpected and sudden wonderful ‘side effects’ while applying the MRS regularly.

What can be done if the effect does not last?

Variations in success of the treatment are observed in patients with chronic complaints. This situation could be re-examined by adjusting the dose or by adding additional remedies. For instance vitamins or herbal supplements.

In many cases, a declining effect is due to careless use with a treatment time that is too short or not continuing over a longer period of time. Sometimes because of the euphoria about the initial success, users forget to consistently maintain their changes of a better lifestyle or diet. Even magnetic resonance stimulation cannot help undo the negative effects of continued poor habits. (Never forget to exercise and to walk: ‘These boots are made for walking’!-Nancy Sinatra)

What is the actual role of the Chinese Organ clock?

According to the Chinese Organ Clock, organs have their peak function at different times within 24 hours. Every two hours a different organ becomes very active energetically for approximately two hours. It is not necessary for us to apply the MRS at a certain organ time. Thanks to innovative technology the iMRS 2000 uses these biological daily rhythms in all its time settings.

Why does the polarity change from North to South?

The polarity of a magnetic field plays a crucial role and changes every two minutes. Different structures in the human and animal body have a certain polarity preference. Applying magnetic resonance stimulation, organs are treated according to their preference.

For instance:
North pole flow seems to have a positive effect on pain, swelling, acidification of tissue, sleep disorders and agitation. South pole flow should result in improved metabolism, better circulation, faster wound healing and general regeneration of the body.

Why is this treatment method not recommended by doctors?

Energy medicine is not part of the regular university medical curriculum. Many patients ask their physicians about their opinion regarding magnetic resonance stimulation only to find out that they have never heard of it. Nevertheless, many MDs have taken time by now to study this treatment method, especially in Europe, and are incorporating it as supportive measure into their own treatments. In addition several European Universities offer lectures relative to magnetic field stimulation and have provided their own double blind studies of which many have been published.


The term ‘magnetic resonance stimulation’ may suggest to potential users that there must be magnets placed in our whole body applicator. Some may even search for them, while in fact, we are only creating an electro magnetic field within the same frequency range of mother earth and the frequencies of our cells.

Static magnets are not able to achieve a resonance effect. Neither should the MRS stimulation be compared with other so called ‘Magnetic Field Therapies’ which operate with much higher frequencies.

Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is altogether different and scientifically proven most effective.

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