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Marlene Starr Licenced Massage Therapist in West Linn, Oregon

Here is a little about myself... I have a real passion for life and I think it shows in all my endeavors. For 27 years, I ran my own successful Dental Laboratory Business called Starr Dental Ceramics. It was a rewarding career, although, when I lost my home to a fire, at the time this was my laboratory/place-of-business, I decided to make a change.

Health and wellness has been a lifelong passion. My Grandfather was instrumental in being an example of the pursuit of healthful living and alternative ways, beyond Western medicine. He and my Grandmother were nurses by trade. He started studying Reflexology in 1946 and gave treatments to his patients well into his nineties. He passed at 103 years old, healing is a true lifestyle. He was a gifted healer and I’ve been told I have the gift of healing has resonated. What I know is that I really care to give my heartfelt best to every client who trusts their therapeutic touch to me. I chose, and have been certified by Oregon School of Massage for my massage therapy training. They have a Shiatsu program like none other in the region and I have always been drawn to the study of Traditional Chinese medicine.

I opened my practice in the adorable town of Willamette, the Historical district of West Linn. Not long after that I was introduced to the technology of Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Technology (PEMF). This was due to the pain I was experiencing after a car accident, and because it had helped me so much, I have incorporated it into my massage practice. As for my other modalities- It was before my massage training, I received my first and second degree training in Reiki. In 2012, I attended the Northwest Hypnosis Institute and received my National Certification in Hypnotherapy.

In addition, the amazing science of Aromatherapy I have studied and used in my personal life for more than twenty years, so I have confidently incorporated that into my practice. My love for cooking and baking began at a very young age, and healthy food has always been important. I look at healthy eating as a science and an art.

The "art part" is knowing your own body, and how it reacts to different foods. That it is as different for every individual as a finger print. This is where my passion for the Genesis PURE business comes in. The products are of the highest quality out there and it takes the guess work out of how and what to do to create optimum health, simply put… I love them! I like to stay active! I hardly ever watch TV, although I enjoy a good movie now and then. Mostly on my down time, I will either be doing something creative like gardening, cooking, baking, Aromatherapy, drawing or painting. Other interests are reading, walking/hiking or spending time with friends and family.

I am most proud of my two wonderful sons. My awesome son, Scott, is 27 years old, and my, "Good Guy Groves", Matthew, is 25 years old. Every morning I wake up to 3 four-legged, furry, hungry critters (dogs)- Big Bear, Little Lenny and the Beefy Cat Baxter.

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Marlene Starr, cHT, LMT, OR. Lic# 18537